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Pre-Engineered Building Projects

Do you need a new facility? Are you thinking about adding additional space to your existing building? Want to save over 30% on construction costs? Interested in cutting your construction schedule in half? Want to save on operation and energy costs for years to come?

More and more businesses are turning to pre-engineered buildings to meet their facility requirements. Today, almost three out of four low-rise building projects utilize a pre-engineered metal building, and more than 400 million square feet of pre-engineered building space has been constructed. All told, 37.7% of all buildings now opt for pre-engineered design.

Pre-engineered buildings are attractive and unique.

  • Commercial, industrial and warehousing
  • Multipurpose space for community centers and churches
  • Flexible, economical and attractive
  • Low maintenance and durable
  • Fully insulated
  • Weathertight systems
  • Flexible exterior and interior finishes
  • Integral with traditional building materials and systems
  • Damage and graffiti resistant options
  • Full color pallet options
  • Economical and durable
  • Clear span for large open areas
  • Column spacing 20' and beyond
  • High interior clear height for equipment, machinery and warehousing
  • Blends with existing structures
  • Easy expandability

To find out more about Wickersham Construction's pre-engineered building program or our traditional general construction, design/build construction and construction management services, call Doug Cherry, Director of Business Development.

Don't delay. We know how difficult the early planning and approval process can be, and we can help you avoid potential pitfalls. Together, we can control your costs, streamline your project and shorten the schedule for your next project.