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Wickersham Construction and Engineering, Inc. is capable of self performing a great deal of our own heavy construction including multi-story structural concrete and large diameter piping unlike most general contractors, who use subcontractors to complete the majority of a construction project. Therefore, a culture of safety is essential in the work we perform.

Safety training at Wickersham

Wickersham’s Safety program includes:

  • We employ a full time safety manager.
  • We attend bi-annual safety workshops.
  • We participate in OSHA round tables.
  • We conduct and document weekly unannounced inspections at every Jobsite.
  • We conduct monthly safety committee meetings.
  • We conduct full investigations on any near misses or accidents and implement immediate corrective actions.
  • We provide safety training for all new hires
  • We maintain detailed records on employee training which is available on-line.
  • We maintain and renew employee training certifications.
  • We are a founding member of ABC’s apprenticeship program and incentivize employee participation.
  • All of our superintendents have received 30 Hour OSHA trainings.
  • All our foremen have a minimum of 10 Hour OSHA training.
  • We conduct weekly tool box trainings/talks.
  • MSDS are available at every jobsite and on-line.
  • We maintain a special focus on OSHA’s Top 10 Violations.

Our Results:

  • Our EMR is consistently below 1.0.
  • Our Incident Rate is better than the industry average in multiple disciplines.  
  • Our Days without a Lost Time Accident record is 439 days.
  • Maintain independent safety certifications from IS Net World & Safety Management Inc.
  • We have received ABC Safety and STEP Award.
  • Maintain certification at high risk industrial plants.
  • Proactive preventative safety culture