A building project starts months or even years before a shovel is in the ground. The land development and design process generally takes much longer than the actual construction. It is during this process that the knowledge and experience of our preconstruction services team can be the most valuable. We will work with the land planner, engineer and architect to ensure your project reflects your requirements and is within your budget.

The cost of preconstruction services is a fraction of your project budget and enables you to have your project  on schedule and on budget long before the construction starts.


Project Review with Owners
Constructability Analysis
Value Engineering
Schematic Design
Meet with Township Officials
Land Development Survey
Mechanical Team Input
Cost Estimates
Schedule Analysis

Planning with the Experts

Planning a new project requires a team of experts to analyze the project requirements and provide solutions. We bring together that team during the pre-construction phase to give all aspects of the project the attention it deserves. This includes input from the architect and engineer as well as mechanical contractors to ensure the feasibility of all systems required. Pulling together the team first provides an important advantage, which is creating a realistic budget and schedule based on the actual project requirements.