Our Story

John H. Wickersham founded Wickersham Construction & Engineering, Inc. in 1906. He began his career working on tunnel projects in New York City after he received his engineering degree from Yale University. He moved back home to Lancaster and started a construction company to utilize an emerging technology of the time, reinforced concrete. Wickersham Construction & Engineering spent several decades building reinforced concrete factory buildings and bridges all over the mid-Atlantic.

Wickersham Construction & Engineering, Inc. is a 115+ year old general contractor started by Colonel, John H. Wickersham. We are in the 4th generation of non-family management.

John H. Wickersham was a friend of Milton Hershey, who had a candy factory in Lancaster before building his plant in Hershey. After Milton Hershey built his initial chocolate plant, Wickersham built forty-three additions to the plant using reinforced concrete and structural steel, until the plant unionized in the 1930’s.

One hundred years later, we are still completing projects for The Hershey Company and Hershey Entertainment & Resorts.

Similar to our relationship with the Hershey Company, we have established long lasting working relationships with several other industrial clients that began in the early – mid 1900s and continue today.

Some of these clients include Armstrong World Industries, Pepperidge Farms, Mars Chocolate, Kellogg’s, Kunzler and Co., F&M College and Donnelly Printing Co.



More than 110 years later, we still build complex concrete structures, but the most important thing we offer to our clients is the ability to provide innovative thinking for their design and construction needs and practical solutions that provide them with the best value.